We believe that children are the heart of any community and we look forward to welcoming yours to our kehillah.

Children are, of course, more than welcome in the main service but we appreciate that younger children may prefer to have their own dedicated service. And so children in reception to year four are invited to join our Children’s Service which is under the leadership of Joel Silberstein, a father of young children and one of the founding members of our kehillah. This service – consisting of songs, tefillah and much more – commences at 11.00 am on Shabbat morning. Younger children accompanied by a parent will also be extremely welcome. Following their service the children will be able to enjoy their own special Kiddush. 

Please note that anyone who comes into contact with children as a volunteer or through work  should read and understand the US Child Protection Policy which can be downloaded here

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Certificate of Religious Practice

Schools Admissions

Below is some helpful information to aid parents and carers wishing to apply to Jewish schools for their children. For more information, please contact the schools directly.


  1. A decision of the Supreme Court has forced all Jewish schools to revise their admission arrangements.What does the Supreme Court Judgment mean in practice?
    The Supreme Court held that orthodox Jewish schools can no longer give priority to halachically Jewish (born of a Jewish mother) children.
  2. So what do I have to do? 
    When applying to a Jewish school or nursery under the religious authority of the Office of the Chief Rabbi, you will need to have completed a Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP). A copy must be sent direct to the school or nursery together with relevant supporting documents and the school’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF). You should keep a copy of the CRP and its relevant supporting documents for future use. 

If you wish to gain points by attending our Shabbat morning services, you must first pre-register by emailing us at giving your name, your child’s name and your address

  1. How will anyone know that my child has attended a service?

When attending a service please ensure that you notify one of the wardens so that your attendance can be registered.

  1. I am a member of an orthodox synagogue, so why do I have to complete a CRP? 
    Following the Supreme Court judgment, we have been advised that synagogue membership cannot be used as an admission criterion.
  1. Does this apply to all schools and nurseries under the religious authority of the Office of the Chief Rabbi?
    Almost all. Both voluntary aided (state), independent schools and independent nurseries are affected by the Supreme Court ruling and must comply with its requirements. 
  2. Have all schools adopted the same CRP?
    No. However, all Greater London OCR (Office of the Chief Rabbi) secondary schools are using the same form. All five US primary schools and their nurseries have adopted the same CRP, but it is significantly different from the secondary schools’ form. Therefore, in some instances there will be less need to fill in multiple forms. However, other OCR schools have varied their CRP requirements.
  3. Where can I get these CRP forms?
    They will be available from the schools’ offices and/or websites and the schools’ local authority.
  4. What are the three CRP sections?
    1. Synagogue Shabbat service attendance,
    2. Jewish educational activities, 
    3. Voluntary Jewish communal, charitable or welfare activities.

(All to be undertaken over a specific period of time)

At secondary level, only the participation of the child is to be recorded, whereas at nursery and primary, it is the child and/or their parent/guardian. 

  1. Can parents or children just check into a synagogue and then leave straight away? 
    Points will not be awarded just for arriving at a synagogue, recording attendance and leaving immediately. Synagogues are required to decline to record attendance in that scenario.
  2. Can my/my child’s synagogue attendance be backdated?
    No. It has been made clear that initial synagogue registration must take place at least two days before an intended first attendance. 

If you have further questions about the CRP please visit  for more information or contact the school to which you are applying .