Membership Subscriptions

To join please email with your your name and address including postcode and we will be pleased to send you an application form which includes full details of the requirements of joining and conditions applying to burial rights.

Once the United Synagogue has processed your application we will send you a statement of fees which you can either pay by monthly direct debit or in one upfront payment.

To pay by Direct Debit please click here to download the Direct Debit Mandate.

Our membership fees are:

  • £23 a month/£276 a year for a single adult
  • £46 a month/£552 a year for a married couple

Please note that these fees do not include membership of the US Funeral Expenses Scheme (FES) or any voluntary levies. FES fees are £70 pa per person plus entry fee calculated according to age for anyone not currently a member of the scheme. N.B. Anyone joining Ahavas Yisrael before the 11th October 2016 will be exempt from this entrance fee.

To discuss concessionary rates in confidence please contact .