Ahavas Yisrael is a welcoming and non-judgemental Orthodox United Synagogue community that is committed to meaningful davening, inspirational learning and wholehearted support for the State of Israel. We aspire to grow closer to the Almighty, with love as our pillar and common denominator – love of our fellow Jews, of Israel and of our Holy Torah.

We invite you to be our partners on our journey so that, together, we can continue to build a Kehillah of which we will all be proud.

A Message from Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

I was delighted to hear about the plans for the development of the latest addition to the rich tapestry of United Synagogue communities – Ahavas Yisrael. I often contrast the Jewish ideas of an ‘edah’ – a gathering of people and a ‘kehillah’ a community. Whereas an ‘edah’ refers to individuals brought together by a common interest, a ‘kehillah’ is a group with a shared set of values, a vision for their future and a deeply rooted love for each other. May Ahavas Yisrael grow to be a Kehillah in the truest sense of the word with a keen appreciation of their responsibility to God, to each other and all of Klal Yisrael.

Welcome to Our Kehillah

General Information

Davening will take place at tables and we look forward to helping you find a place that you will consider your own.  The children’s service and crèche will be held in an area off of the Ladies’ section, so if you are a man bringing your children on your own please don’t hesitate to ask for help from one of the female members of the committee who should be on hand to welcome you.

What do I do when I Get There?

Services will take place in Langdon’s premises at the end of Gideon Close (which is down the side of the shops on the left hand side of Manor Park Crescent if you have your back to Station Road). Once you enter the premises there should be people to welcome you in both the men’s and the ladies’ sections and to show you where seforim etc are kept. Please do not hesitate to ask if you need any help or assistance.


We are able to offer all the benefits of US membership within a warm, welcoming and inspirational kehillah. We hope that you enjoy davening with us and will choose to join the kehillah to help us expand our services which, in time,we hope will move to our own dedicated premises.

For more information please contact info@ahavasyisrael.org.uk



We hope that everyone will feel comfortable in our services but we do ask that you keep your conversation for the Kiddush afterwards as we will be asking for quiet during the davening. Children are more than welcome and we will, of course, be tolerant of their ability to maintain the desired level of decorum.

We daven in Langdon’s premises off Manor Park Crescent and we ask for your understanding if the facilities are not as perfect as we hope they will ultimately be. However, whatever we may lack in facilities we hope to more than make up for in a warm, welcoming and inspirational atmosphere.

Contact Details

e: info@ahavasyisrael.org.uk

t : 020 8050 1613


I often contrast the Jewish ideas of an ‘edah’ – a gathering of people and a ‘kehillah’ a community.

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis